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"Bolero" in Golden Glass
"Bolero" in Golden Glass
"Bolero" in Golden Glass
"Bolero" in Golden Glass
"Bolero" in Golden Glass
"Bolero" in Golden Glass

Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life

"Bolero" in Golden Glass

Regular price $1,380.00 Sale price $1,180.00

Shape: Natural with layering

Style: Festive, Cheerful, Abundant

Suitable for: Home Decor, Festive Flower Gift, Table Centerpiece

Featured Flowers: Dahlia, Anemone, Ranunculus, Cosmos, Muscari, Dancing Orchid, Holly etc

Vase: Golden Glass

Size: Around 40cm width x 35cm Height (Whole piece)

* Please refer to the photos for the reference of the current stock flower arrangement.

* For re-make flower arrangements, we will try our best to maintain the same flower materials, wherever there's any shortage in supply, we will use similar shape and style flower materials as substitution whereas no advanced notice will be conducted; Meanwhile, the color, size, shape and style will remain the same.

* In different light and circumstances, there might be slight difference in the color of the bouquet, subject to the real thing. We welcome any inquiries before your purchase.






尺寸:約 40m 闊 x 35cm 高(整體)