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Leading by Ms Zola Cheung, Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life is a floral and lifestyle brand established in 2012. Zola is utterly passionate and dedicated to silk flowers in the finest quality thus she and her team keep to create beautiful floral art work for the goers of timeless beauty.

Creating bespoke silk bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings, prestigious venues and events, not to mention decorating one’s home, silk flowers of Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life are always every elegant ladies’ choice.

Apart from silk flowers, Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life also launched their first scented candle “ JANE “ in 2015 Winter. Inspired by the childhood memory of Zola, the scent of JANE is blended with Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood Atlas that is so indulging, pampering and sensual.

Expressing the poetic emotions and creativity in different means, Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life is to pursuit timeless beauty that a lady shall pursuit and thus their motto, “ a poem of eternity “.

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成立於 2012 年,Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life 是一個以高級絲花為主,結合花藝與生活品味的品牌,始創人為 Zola Cheung。對高級絲花的熱情,使 Zola 及團隊全情投入,為一眾喜愛美與恆久的客人,設計出一個又一個美麗的花藝作品。

無論是婚禮、場地、商業活動甚至家居佈置,Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life 訂製的絲花設計,總是高貴女士的選擇。

除了絲花以外,Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life 更於 2015 年冬天推出首個香薰蠟燭 “ JANE “。Zola 以自身童年回憶為靈感,以依蘭花及大西洋雪松為主調,創造出迷人、呵護及感性的浪漫香氣。

透過不同媒介,Bunny Garden Silk Flowers & Life 表達了對生活在詩意和創作上的追求,一如其品牌定位,「永恆之詩」,願與城中一眾高貴女士共享。

在此網店,大家可以隨時隨地、輕鬆購得我們的絲花及花藝擺設,讓美麗觸手可及。任何查詢,敬請電郵至 hello@bunny-garden.com 將有專人回覆跟進。